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Hiring Simulation


How do hiring teams discover “potential” in graduates ?

Our goal is to assist employers to hire the graduating student(s) with the greatest potential and allow the hiring team to experience their candidates in action.

We have recognized in our 12 years in business that there is great potential in every graduating student coming out of school these days. The question becomes, how do these candidates get the opportunity to demonstrate this potential in a crowded and unbalanced hiring marketplace?

The Grad Potential hiring process is made up of two key components that will allow hiring teams to filter and experience graduating candidates in a systematic and logical manner.

Candidate Sifting

candidate-funnelFirst is Grad Potential’s unique candidate sifting process that provides all candidates an equal opportunity to move to the next step of the hiring process. This is accomplished by moving past the resume of a candidate and looking deep into their make-up on Team Fit, Culture and Psychometric skills. Filtered candidates are moved to the second stage of our hiring process.

Engage Candidates


The secret to discovering “Potential” in graduates is to see them in action!

Our second step allows hiring teams to engage with the candidate through the Hiring Simulation Assessment process which allows teams and candidates to engage in real life business setting with a unique scoring process. The real potential of a graduating student is seen and experienced in this element of the hiring process.

Grad Potential is a division of Hire Results Ltd and has been specifically developed to assist hiring teams (On Campus Recruitment teams) to see, experience and hire the greatest potential for their open roles.