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The Golden Grad – Can Simulations Assist Organizations in Hiring True Potential into Their Open Roles?


Dr. M. F. Stephenson was a miner during the gold rush of Georgia. When this particular gold rush was believed to be over, many miners headed west for the California gold rush.  Stephenson, when questioned about California, responded with what would be the source of inspiration for a character of Mark Twain’s who is quoted as saying “there is gold in them thar hills”.

Today we might say “there is potential in them thar graduates!” And it is true, all hiring teams need to do is dig with a different type of assessment shovel.

hiring true potential

The way organizations or hiring teams today attempt to discover talent in graduating students is through traditional means of hiring practices. The “gold” or “potential” of a new graduating student, even if they have some relevant work history, is rarely successfully mined through a set of interviews and potentially an online psychometric assessment. Teams know that it takes between six months to a year of working with a newly graduated student to understand their real talents and abilities on the job. We would call this the graduates “Potential”.

Progressive on campus recruitment teams are starting to realize that true potential in a candidate can be uncovered and brought to the surface by incorporating Simulations into their hiring practices when assessing their future employees.

A simulation assessment is a set of activities, professionally scripted and positioned, that allow on campus recruitment teams to see graduating students in action – as if they are working with the team today. With accurately weighted scoring tools the hiring teams have their eyes open to where the true potential of each candidate lies. The results of these simulation assessments is that hiring teams on campus are hiring graduates who they may not have hired through their traditional hiring practices. Why, because the simulation assessments are showing the different side of the candidate – the “potential side”.

There is gold in them thar graduate’s and their potential…..

The Golden Grad – Can Simulations Assist Organizations in Hiring True Potential into Their Open Roles?
Kyle Bissett

By Kyle Bissett Visit author's website

Kyle is the co-founder of Grad Potential, a division of Hire Results Ltd that is dedicated to assisting organizations in hiring graduates true potential. Kyle is a graduate of Guelph University. Before joining Hire Results Ltd Kyle worked with Young Life Canada.