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Essential Tips to Get Noticed Ahead of Other Job Candidates


#1. Take advantage of your social networks.

Social networks are frequently looked at by hiring managers, especially LinkedIn. Make sure your sites are being used properly – keep them updated and be sure to highlight any projects or other pertinent information.  Many recruitment teams now have quite active twitter pages. Be sure to follow the company you are interested in and reach out to them via their social media. LinkedIn has a network called “Groups”. Join some relevant groups and start conversations with people who are working in the market you are looking to land a job in.

#2. Tell the hiring managers why you want to join the company

Don’t leave an interview or meeting without letting x company know that you are very interested in the job. It may sound simple or even irrelevant, because, that’s why you are there in the first place… but managers want to know you are serious and are passionate about the company. Companies don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t know why or even if they want to work there.

#3. Put more work into your resume and cover letter

Employers place great emphasis on the resume as a filtering tool. These days a resume may be scanned for 6-10 seconds… if at all. Continually work on your resume and ensure you are not using filler words. Shape it to the job posting and use a contemporary email address, not “” from when you were a kid… that was mine. Remember that job boards are one of the least effective ways to get hired. If you are relying on posting 10 resumes on different job boards don’t be shocked when you don’t even get a call, let alone a job.

#4. Do things that make you stand out

This is where there is no right answer and an opportunity to be a little creative, to think outside the box, as they say. I have heard of people doing things like sending a lunch tray to a hiring manager asking for a lunch meeting. On a lesser scale you could do some research on the interviewer, as they are one of the key decision makers for the company. That way when you meet there are things you know you can talk about. If you have an interview and don’t hear back give that key decision maker a call – ask them to confirm they have received what they need and use the time to tell them you are very interested in the position… while being polite and professional, of course.

Through all of this remember there is no one thing you can do to put yourself ahead of all the other candidates. There are however, many little things that will increase your chances of success.

Essential Tips to Get Noticed Ahead of Other Job Candidates
Kyle Bissett

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Kyle is the co-founder of Grad Potential, a division of Hire Results Ltd that is dedicated to assisting organizations in hiring graduates true potential. Kyle is a graduate of Guelph University. Before joining Hire Results Ltd Kyle worked with Young Life Canada.