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Hiring Simulation

Tony Ramolo – Manulife

The Hiring Simulation offered by the very good people at Hire Results Ltd. is brilliant. It is a common sense approach. It is simple. The Hiring Simulation is and should be, as far as I am concerned, an essential part of any hiring process. The team at Hire Results is very professional, helpful and very responsive. Hiring to find a goodness of fit is not simple. It is actually quite a risky proposition. Running a simulation where key elements are scored is a fantastic way to manage and mitigate a lot of the risk inherent in the hiring process. We use a variety of hiring tools. This is different. A “test drive” for both the applicant and the party doing the hiring is a great idea and reveals, in advance, many things that go unnoticed in other hiring approaches.

I highly recommend the Hiring Simulation offered by Hire Results Ltd.

Tony Ramolo | Director of Sales | Manulife